Things Sir J. Does NOT Understand 📜 Volumn XXIII:

1. Ladies, is foundation the same as primer?

2. Lesbians, do y'all girls steal y'all's clothes too?

3. Christians, after you get the marriage license, technically you can...nevermind! Lol

4. Actors, how's the conversation go when you're offered a roll as the ugly character of a movie? Like, you not offended?

5. Pet owners, why do you think "actually dogs' mouths are cleaner than humans" justifies anything?! A human fart is likely more manageable than a buffalo fart but I don't welcome either! Stop letting these animals lick you! I don't want no tongue on my face or lips unless it's Kerry Washington's! Then you know...I can make an exception. Lol 

Stay tuned for the next 📜 Volume of #TSDNU
(Things Sir J. Does NOT Understand!)